Koboaccountant Online Training Academy

Posted: 5 months ago by Lynda Nmaram | Reading Time 1 min

KoboAccountant is a tech registered online Accounting business in Nigeria. Our business model is designed  to enable us service our identified Niche efficiently and profitably. Our main goal is to provide Professional Accounting Services (PAS) to Business Startups, Small and Medium scale enterprises who prior to now weren’t able to access this services (PAS) largely due to the affordability (cost of hiring an Accountant or a Financial Consultant).


We therefore structured our value added services with the aim of ensuring our Niche market (SMEs/Startups) have access to top notch accounting and Consequently grow into the business that will shape Africa and indeed the world..


Our vision is to build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology, Providing learning and financial literacy to individuals at large. Koboaccountant is pleased to announce its Online Training Academy.  The  Academy is aimed at educating SMEs to arm them with the necessary knowledge they need to run their businesses efficiently and effectively.


Our live training covers a range of business related issues that SMEs face everyday. We breakdown this issues to a layman's term that any business owner can easily understand.


The training curriculum covers:


  1. Accounting

  2. Taxation

  3. Legal

  4. Business strategy

  5. Digital marketing


​For sponsorship and registration, Please contact our Programmes team on business@koboaccountant.com or call 08145758000.