Posted: 10 months ago by Lynda Nmaram | Reading Time 3 min

Life hacking things refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life.  So i can pretty much use the term "Business hack"



"Every enterprise mission is to turn growth into sustainably scalable growth. As a business enterprise, Whether you’re looking to save a little time, or you want to try something new and shake things up a bit, there are great ways you can increase your productivity and in turn increase the growth of your business." Smart work as against hard work.


It's simple! establish business/life hacks for your business. Once you have started using these hacks, you will be able to streamline your life and your business. These are ideas for both business owners and their employees alike.

  • Instead of overloading your brain with too much to remember,  Just set reminders and show up when you need to. It reduces mental stress.

  • Get feedback on everything. Feedback is your best tool for personal growth. Try to get feedback wherever you can, from workers, from bosses, peers and clients. The more you learn about yourself, the better.

  • Give feedback on everything. Similarly, you’ll want to give feedback to everyone you work with to build a better overall working environment. Everyone can benefit from this, and you’ll establish an atmosphere where feedback is expected and encouraged.

  • Know your outsourcing options. Sometimes, your team just won’t be enough to handle a specific project or execute your workload. In these cases, it pays to know your outsourcing options, which may include a network of contractors, a corporate partner or a service provider like Koboaccountant


I know most people may think that finding, getting, and then keeping customers may be the three hardest jobs for any small, medium or large business.  If everyone agrees, I bet we can also say number four is managing cash.

There are hacks  that work for micro-sized businesses like yours as well

  • Stop Avoiding Bookkeeping, Instead Embrace It. Most people feel that reconciling cash is like undergoing a root canal treatment without a local anesthetic. Well outsource it then! - You can try Koboaccountant

  • Manage your receivables like a bank does its loan book.  This means having follow up schedule for unpaid invoices is key to keeping your business healthy.


 Stop and think for a second, imagine what the business looks like if you are implementing at least two if not all of the hacks above. So, give them a shot! You’ve got nothing to lose, and hours of time and productivity to gain.