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Leonardo da Vinci.



Sales and Marketing somewhat compliment each other.
Good marketing will get people to know about your product and positions you to sell. You however may not sell (or increase sales) without a properly implemented sales strategy.
A good marketing strategy without a good sales strategy is like a dog that barks but can’t bite.

A few things you can do to manage cost;
1. Always budget before you spend.
2. Carry out monthly reviews of performance on sales and marketing. What are your objectives? How well did you perform?
3. Keep it small until you find the perfect sales and Marketing mix. Don’t overshoot on your cost just yet.
4. You must have a strategy with well defined objectives. Be deliberate with this.


Was in a meeting with a client and while we were reviewing her delivery records (payments received for delivery) we noticed that they have been incurring extra cost on delivery and this went unnoticed.

Let’s assume your delivery company charges 500 to deliver to a particular location and you in turn bill your client the “500”.
Your client then pays the 500 via your POS.
You would have incurred POS charge from your bank and by the time you pay the 500 to the delivery company you would’ve incurred a bank service charge (52.5).

Your total delivery fee is now about 560 and not the 500 you billed your client.
Let’s take this extra 60 and multiply by 1000 transactions and you would’ve lost a whooping 60k.
You see how businesses loose money.?

Hope you’ve learnt something.


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