Debt Recovery Strategies Every Business Owner Should Know.

Introduction There are customers and THERE ARE CUSTOMERS. There are some you can NEVER do right by, some that bring unrealistic expectations,  rude ones, the ones that like to engage your time and effort repeatedly without buying.  All sorts.  We will be focusing on a special sect of these people.  The owing customer. Now, let’s […]

How to select the most suitable accounting software.​

Tried out different accounting software but none of them seems to entirely work for your business? Watch this video and you will receive practical guidelines on how best to select the appropriate software for your business.    Watch the video below and let us have your comments.

Sales Vs Marketing

HOW TO MINIMISE YOUR MARKETING COST! 👌👌 Sales and Marketing somewhat compliment each other.Good marketing will get people to know about your product and positions you to sell. You however may not sell (or increase sales) without a properly implemented sales strategy.A good marketing strategy without a good sales strategy is like a dog that […]

Delivery Expense

Was in a meeting with a client and while we were reviewing her delivery records (payments received for delivery) we noticed that they have been incurring extra cost on delivery and this went unnoticed. Let’s assume your delivery company charges 500 to deliver to a particular location and you in turn bill your client the […]